About Two Mad Women

We’re just two lifelong friends who like to rant about various topics, and want to share our rants and (often dark) poetry with the world.  We’re committed to having at least two updates to this blog every week, one from Jenn, and one from Whit.

We grew up in Nebraska and transplanted, separately, to Colorado (twice each) where we love to see the mountains, people watch, shop (DUH women!), drive around singing our hearts out, go to concerts, get tattoos, color our hair, and spout off our many opinions on everything under the sun.

We’re a little bit flirty, a dash or two of dirty, a whole lot snarky, all wrapped up and baked in a lot of angst about sharing our emotions.

So buckle up and enjoy the ride…there’s a lot of bumps in our nights; we’ll make you laugh and cry, scream, moan and groan.  I hope you’re not too squeamish loves because we’re ripping the band-aid off.