About Whit

What’s up all you sexy mofo’s?  At the time of this writing, 2017, I’m a thirty something year old women with a ton of passions!  I carry strong opinions, and enjoy debating and ranting about just about any subject under the sun.  I either love things or I hate them, I don’t have a lot of room for middle ground in my life.

I’m an IT manager in Northern Colorado and spend a lot of IRL time working, trying to convince myself to maintain my house and yard; but perpetually procrastinating while texting, Facebook-ing, Marco Polo-ing, or phoning my best friend and blog mate Jenn.  OH and I looooove to flip people off.


We’ve both been through a lot and it’s given us dark senses of humor and we’re looking to breathe new life into our artistic talents…hence a shared blog for our writings and photography.


I’m much more likely to share my passion or anger than my softer, emotional side, so frequently Jenn will be challenging me to be a little bit vulnerable with ya’ll.  For fun I’ll be posting extra’s with tons of spice for ya.

So grab your favorite junk food, sit back and join us on our journey of self-rediscovery.