About Jenn

What’s up? I’m Jenn. I’ve always got something to say. I’ve always been dramatic, although, I won’t admit to it. I’m a single mama to a special needs child and it changed everything, how I see the world, who I trust and how I move through life. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Isaiah. I talk like I’m 15, look like I’m 25, feel like I’m 80 but am really only in my 30’s.

I love to laugh, it’s legit my favorite thing right now. If you can make me laugh so hard I throw my head back and can’t breathe, it’s safe to say I might be obsessed with you. I’m an empathic soul so people are always drawn to me to tell me all their secrets and for the most part I keep ’em šŸ˜‰

I love talking, singing, writing, ranting and giving my opinion, asked for or not. My background is in social work, mostly adults with mental health disorders and substance abuse. My recent stint in Colorado is for the services for my son. Currently I’m a parent CNA for my child which allows me to take care of him while going to school. And I’m an english major, duh.

I’m a mom, hippie, semi health nut, addicted to boxing/my trainer (like, legit he’s the raddest dude I know..shout out to Troy at Title)13260017_10209487785057498_4997658532228199090_n, nut, pretty much a doctor and a total hypochondriac (of course self-diagnosed, Med MD is legit right?)…Buckle up sweethearts. It’s about to be a bumpy, fun ride, yo!